Tips for Storing your Fresh Seafood From Lobster Lore



All Lobster Day Seafood must be taken home and refrigerated at once - Do Not Delay!!

Here are the answers to the most Commonly Asked Questions:

  • How Should I Store Live Lobsters? Put in the fridge "belly down". They will rest quietly until dinner. Do not be surprised if they are not too lively when you take them out. The cold temperature of the refrigerator puts them into a semi-comatose state. Do Not Store Live in the Freezer and Do Not Store in Water.

  • Can I Store Live Lobsters Overnight? No problem. Put a layer of slightly damp newspaper above and below lobsters in the fridge. However, if you discover tomorrow that one or more has continued its trip to lobster heaven, no problem. Here is what we have done for generations - you should too. Put lobsta angels in the bottom of the pot and steam with the live ones. Perfectly safe to do for a couple of days after expiration as long as the lobster was alive when it went in the fridge. Un-distinquishable in texture or taste. Double check test after cooking: Break off flippers (Step 4 in Disassembly Diagram). If tail meat smells "funny" - you will know. Discard if it does. Even if it smells fine, probe tail meat with fork (Step 5). If meat is soft or mushy, discard. If not, you are in business!

  • Can I Freeze Lobster Meat? Do not do it - it dries out the meat. If you have to, steam up the lobsters, pick all the meat and place in freezer bags. Do Not Keep in Freezer for More Than Two Months.

  • How Should I Store Clams? Refrigerate Immediately. Clams can last for several days in the fridge.

  • How Should I Store Shrimp? Cook or freeze shrimp by the night following Lobster Day. Remember Finestkind shrimp has no chemical preservatives. When freezing, store in containers with water covering shrimp. Make sure the containers are appropriate serving sizes for easy defrosting. Your frozen shrimp should hold its great taste until our next Lobster Day.

  • How Should I Store Chowder or Bisque? Let home made soups cool to room temperature before putting into refrigerator in a tightly covered container. This will last for a couple of days in the fridge. You can freeze soup, but not for more than two months. Make sure your containers are very clean and sealed tightly.

  • How Should I Store Hancock Gourmet Prepared Foods? Follow the freezer and refrigeration instructions on the packaging. Generally speaking, these frozen packaged foods last between six (6) and nine (9) months in the freezer. Check the packaging for exact recommendations. Once defrosted, they can be refrigerated for four (4) days.