Tips for Planning your Lobstah Party! Commonly Asked Questions



Lobster Day is a great excuse for a terrific party! You can plan to pay off all your social obligations, impress your boss, have a terrific family reunion, feast with friends (the most popular reason), or have an intimate dinner for two. Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about planning a Lobster Day party.


  • How many lobsters per person?   1-1/2 per adult seems to work pretty well.   If you have any left over, you can make a terrific lobster salad or try this elegant little number: serve the cold lobster from the shell in pieces, waved over a little butter and washed down with your favorite bubbly!   It just does not get any better this!



  • How much shrimp should I get?   The answer is "How much can you afford?"   Whatever you put out will be devoured but at a minimum you should plan on a quarter pound ( about seven shrimp) per person.

  • Clams? Pure guesswork; maybe half your guests will be clam-lovers. Two serious clam lovers can eat a bag between them. Uncooked clams can be kept in the fridge for a few days to be steamed up or made into a fantastic chowdah.

  • How do I care for my lobsters until dinnertime? Put them in the fridge; they will not crawl around as they will be tired from the trip and want to rest before dinner. Can I keep in the fridge overnight? Ayuh...see Storing Seafood and read Lobster Lore given out on Lobster Day.



  • What about cooking the lobsters and clams? You will receive Lobster Lore - a four page handout replete with all the details of caring for your seafood Storing Seafood , precise directions for cooking Cooking Tips, Recipes for chowder, and a terrific lobster salad, our disassembly diagram Eating Lobster and much, much more when you come with your cooler and some ice to pick up your goodies on Lobster Day. But cooking lobsters and clams is easy as pie. You will just steam the lobsters for 14-15 minutes, and the clams for 5-6 minutes. (no additives in the water). Does not have a steamer? Have a deep pot? Just drop a rack into the bottom. One of those round fold-out veggie steamers with little legs works just fine.

  • What else do I need to get? Fresh Lemons for sprinkling. Nutcrackers - find at our Bib Table or at your local market. To really spruce up your party and save a bundle on dry-cleaning you will want some of our Bibs.

  • Where do I pick up my Lobsters? We have a conveniently located Pick Up Site in Fairfax County

  • How do I eat a Lobster? Just follow the diagram on Eating Lobster With lobster this fresh we serve it with fresh lemon sprinkled on top. Others insist on melted butter too. The tomalley (light green liver) which does not look good, is delicious and, at times, sells for more than caviar. The orange coral roe you may find in females is also delicious. If you find an inky substance on the tail, just rinse it off.

  • What goes well with Lobster? Here are a couple hints for dinner. No tuxes. Keep it simple. Lobster has a delicate taste. Do not overpower it. Down-east, here is what we would serve: shrimp cocktail, steamer clams, some rolls or bread and a salad. If fresh corn on the cob is not available, we would serve some type of potato dish and that is it. Beer goes great with steamed lobster. The wine pairing is traditionally Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, or Pinot Grigio. Champagne and sparkling wine are also terrific. For dessert, you guessed it - pie and ice cream.