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Gourmands agree that pound and a quarter lobsters are the sweetest size.   The minimum order will be five pounds - each five pound order will consist of four beautiful live Gulf of Maine lobsters.   You can, of course, order any number of Regular size lobsters beyond the minimum (a 12 1/2 pound order would consist of ten live Gulf of Maine lobsters - perfect for a party of six with a couple left over for a "mouth waterin" lobster salad.

The cost: The price is $15.20 per pound (tax included) if your order is phoned in, postmarked or faxed to us by the Discount Date, Saturday, October 9th.*


# of Regular Size Lobsters 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
# of Pounds to Order 5.0 6.25 7.5 8.75 10.0 11.25 12.5 13.75 15.0
Price @ $15.20* $76.00 $95.00 $114.00


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For those of you who think that bigger is better, good news, we have some big ones: large lobsters will be available - the minimum order two large unevenly sized theoretically averaging pounds apiece.  However, LARGE LOBSTERS WILL RANGE IN WEIGHT FROM 1 3/4 to 2 1/4 POUNDS.   That is the Finestkind trade-off; absolute unmatched freshness for uniformity in size.   There simply are not enough large lobsters caught on any given day to pull out a sufficient quantity of lobsters weighing exactly two-pounds.

If you order LARGE UNeveNly SizED Lobsters, you cheerfully agree to accept unevenly sized lobsters at the Large Lobster scales. Our terrific teams of volunteers will place the number of lobsters on the scales that correspond to the poundage you ordered. (i.e. 2 large lobsters if you ordered 4 pounds). You will get the number of large lobsters you ordered but if the two large lobsters in this example, weighed less than four pounds, you will get an immediate refund. If the poundage runs over by a quarter pound or more, you will pay the difference at the scale. You will be getting the absolutely freshest highest quality live lobster available in this area.

The cost: The price is $19.00 per pound (tax included) if your order is phoned in, postmarked or faxed to us by the Discount Date, Saturday, October 9th.*


# of Large Lobsters 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
# of Pounds to Order 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20
Price @ $19.00* $76.00 $114.00 $152.00


*All Prices Subject to Change. Ordering more lobsters than shown above or sharing cost? Each large lobster will cost $38.00 (tax included) if your order is phoned in, faxed or postmarked by October 9th. Add $.40 per pound from October 9th through the ordering deadline on noon October 16th! All orders must be received by noon on Saturday October 16th.


If Spring Lobster Day is held on a "Delivery Only" basis, there will be no extra lobster for sale on Lobster Day.




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