We Guarantee Our Lobster is the Best!



We Go to the Ends of the Earth to Please Our Customers !!!

Our Lobsters are guaranteed.

Does the freshness of our Lobsters really make a difference? You bet it does. In fact, we are so confident you will love Finestkind lobsters, that if you steam them up according to the free instructions you will be given on Lobster Day, and then don\'t think they are the best live lobsters you have purchased down here, we\'ll replace them free at next Lobster Day!! Just call us the afternoon after Lobster Day at (703) 333-2978.

Ayuh, unlike that other Maine establishment LL Bean, we will not insist that you send them back to us.

And YES, that is an Official FinestKind Tee Shirt at the Great Wall of China



Call (703) 333-2978 to order beginning September 1, 2021!