Welcome To Finestkind Lobster Annual Spring Lobster Day


            Join Us Saturday October 23, 2021                            Annual Fall Lobster Day





Freshness has been our Passion since 1982. We do one thing - and one thing only. In May & October we bring Live Maine Lobster to over 1,000 Finestkind Customers in the Washington DC area. Live Gulf of Maine lobster still drippin wet - taken from the cold clean waters of the Atlantic the day before you devour them.   Not lobster that has been floundering at the bottom of some murky tank. Not for Finestkind discriminating customers.    No Suh.   No Tanks.   Freshness Matters!   


                   MAINE LOBSTER           GULF SHRIMP         STEAMER CLAMS                        

           $15.20                               $14.50                     $45.00 / 6 lb Bag                     

Finestkind Lobster and its Lobster Days were created by a group of New Englanders who had either lived on the Maine coast or spent summers on lobster boats.   They had known the sweet, unmatched, succulent tender taste of truly fresh lobster all their lives.   Marooned down here in 1982, they had the misfortune of ordering steamed lobster in an expensive Washington DC restaurant. It tasted like the box the lobster was shipped in.

They knew that once the lobster was caught, it needed to be delivered to customer coolers as quickly as possible. Otherwise the live lobster would lose its taste quickly if shipped to distributor lobster pounds and on to those murky lobster tanks in grocery stores, seafood markets and restaurants.The lobster, whose claws are banded the moment it is caught, cannot be fed, loses body fat and flavor and tastes nothing like truly fresh lobster.   They knew they could do better.


Finestkind gets its lobster directly from the docks.   You get the freshest live Gulf of Maine lobster available anywhere in the Washington DC area. We guarantee it. Thats why we are unique. We do not have to worry about selling leftover lobster - all our lobsters are in your pots!   We do not have a store; nor do we ship wholesale lobster.   The rest of the year we work in regular jobs.

So find those nutcrackers and get ready for a fabulous Finestkind Seafood Feast featuring live Gulf of Maine Lobster, Maine Steamer Clams, Succulent Fresh Headless Gulf Shrimp and specialty dishes from Hancock Gourmet Lobster Company. Make out your guest list now and take advantage of this unique opportunity to obtain the highest-quality, freshest, live Gulf of Maine lobster on two special "Lobster Days" each year.   Live Lobster placed in your cooler directly from the docks - still kickin and dripping from the clean, ice cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean.   Now, that is "Finest Kind" as we say down-east.




We will begin taking Lobster Day Orders on September 1, 2021!