The Perfect Appetizers - Clams and Shrimp Come Join Us for Lobster Day!



Lobster feasts Down-East always start with " steama clams".   Yours should, too. Finestkind is "some pleased" to be able to bring you MAINE "IPSWICH" STEAMER CLAMS, wearing little black "wedding bands" around their extruding necks.   If you're a transplanted New Englander (as are half of our longtime customers), you're familiar with these sweet clams and you know that you can't get these down here under any circumstances. Now, thanks to Finestkind you can.

Steamer Clams are about an inch to an inch and a half in diameter.   Pre-washed and pre-packed in net bags, these tender morsels number about 60-75 per bag - good for three to four clam lovers with moderate appetites.   Two bags ought to provide enough leftovers for a fantastic clam chowder.   Our free chowder recipes given out on Lobster Day Recipes.

The cost: $35 per 6 pound bag of clams (tax included).

Got your appetite whetted? Click here for our Party Planner.

FRESH HEADLESS GULF SHRIMP - 26-30 to the pound.  

These are simply outstanding.   Call around to local markets and you'll discover ( if you're persistent enough) that most markets sell " flash frozen" shrimp that's been dipped in chemical preservatives when caught on board commercial boats that fish for a week - their shrimp is shipped north, "thawed for your convenience", and too frequently sold as "fresh" - it's not!

Finestkind's shrimp has been caught in the Gulf of Mexico by local shrimpers, buried in ice and flown to us directly the day before Lobster Day.   No flash freezing, No chemical preservatives. You'll be amazed at their appearance and taste.

A word of advice: order more than you think you'll need, as there probably won't be much "extra", if any, available on Lobster Day.   Many people order 5 lbs. or more; they tell us that even after freezing Finestkind's shrimp for a couple of months, they're more tender and fresher tasting than any shrimp they can buy in the store.

The cost: $14.50 per pound (tax included - whole pounds only).