Add-ons, Cancellations & Refunds Our Legal Beagle's Bark



Corporate Counsel licking his chops before negotiating with a lobster...

Add-on, Cancellation & Refund Policy:
  • Our legal beagle insists that we remind you that Lobster Day is a unique event. You can add to your order ( by phoning us and paying for the add-on at the event itself, or cancel your order until 12 noon, October 7th, 2017. We're not a restaurant or store. We have no storage. We will not sell your seafood to anyone else. You, or someone on your behalf, must come to pick it up. Unclaimed seafood will spoil in the truck on the way back to Maine and we won't be able to refund your money or replace your seafood. (As a courtesy, we'll send you a reminder card a week before Lobster Day but you're responsible for coming even if the card doesn't get to you on time).

Call (703) 333-2978 to order beginning September 1, 2017!